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Simple, elegant and versatile personal finance management app

Increase your savings. By setting up a budget, One Budget enables you to monitor your spending to help you plan ahead and meet your financial goals. Use One Budget to:

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Finally!! A budget app that works!! Love it - This app is great for anyone looking to manage a budget. It's great!!
This is a great app for creating a budget and keeping track of spending. It's very simple to use, I love the colored bar graph showing how close I am getting to my spending limits, and the pie charts displaying how all my funds are allocated. The one improvement that could be made to this app is the ability to add notes to each spending entry. Right now, it only shows that you spent $X.XX on "utilities" or whatever you named your category. Sure, you could create a separate category for each individual expenditure, but the graphs would quickly lose their usability. Overall though, I'd highly recommend this app to anyone trying to manage their spending a little better.
This app helps my wife and I a lot with seeing how we're spending our money and budgeting it accordingly. Only thing that I wish is that there was a log in, so that we could both log in on our devices and sync up, so to say, this account. That way it'll be on both of our devices for when we're not around each other. We usually text each other what we've spent so it's okay, but that'll make it easier. Other than that, I'm extremely happy that I found this app and completely satisfied with the help it's given. Thanks OneBudget. So awesome.
Great Budget and spending tracker - I tried a few different budget apps out and I stuck with this one and still use it daily after 4 months. It's super easy to use so I never feel burdened with entering data. It doesn't keep detailed past budgets and idk if i just don't know how to use the savings page or if it's just dysfunctional BUT I recommend it all the time!
Great! - I love this app...the design is easy to use & user friendly...I got a quick professional response back when asking a in app calculator would be a great addition
Perfect - I love this app. It is exactly what I was looking for. Although, I would like to see percentage of how much is spent for each budgeted item in the spending tab. This app is wonderful.
Good app - Easy and effective.
Kudos - Been searching all types of ways to manage my budget mainly for savings and I finally found this app..and it's very simple and direct compared to all the other apps that I purchased and had to buy. Very satisfied and think this should contribute greatly to my savings
Great!! - Love this app!! Is there a way to view past months expenses by amount in a listed format rather than the pie graph?
It is great - Can work like a mirror to your financial Looks, can set you up, show you where you are your real you financially, easy practical, and sellers answer your emails. That is goodElias - Montreal Canada
Easy, simple, quick - This one works for me, it was easy to load my budget, easy to customize categories and make changes and super quick to track spending. I don't like the automatic savings insertion that it creates based on the income stated in the budget. I only want to track my discretionary spending with this tool, so that feature is annoying, but not a deal breaker.
Jessie Skank
Smart stable app - I love this app, it's helping me big time with its quick n easy to use features.
Great app - Great app for budgeting and tracking expenses. Only wish it had a fortnightly option. Income and expenses are set up monthly
So incredibly helpful - This app has helped to put so much into perspective for me. It's simple, clear and effective.
Excellent App - Useful and intuitive.
Perfect - I have only used it for 6 weeks and everything is working better than I could have imagined. It's easy to figure out and it keeps me in target!

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